COMBOS (Takeaway Only)

Bacon 2 Egg Roll w Cheese,Tom or Bbq Lrg Coffee or Milkshake $10.00

                       (Thickshake Upsize $11.00 / Large Thickshake Upsize $12.00)

Hamburger  Lett,tom,Beet w Tom Or Bbq sauce Side chips $11.00 (with the Lot $13.50)

Chicken Schnitzel Burger Lettuce / Mayo Side Chips $11.00 (with the lot $13.50)

Veggie Pattie burger LettTom Spanish Onion w mayo & side Chips $11.00

Pizza regular classic can of coke    (gourmet pizzas $13.00)    $11.00

Chicken schnitzel (2 breast schnitzels) side chips & gravy $12.00 

(Mushroom, pepper Dianne $3.50) (Surf & turf sauce add $5.00)

Fish & chips (2 tempura fish lemon tartare) $13.50

Seafood basket (1 tempura fish, 3 prawn,1 seafood stick,3 Calamari rings, chips lemon tartare sauce $13.50                             

Calamari 10 rings( home made),chips lemon & tartare sauce $13.50  

Salt & Pepper Squid chips (9 squid) lemon & tartare sauce $13.50  

Take away COMBO MEALS  (include FREE 375ml can or 600ML bottle water) 
(COMBO MEALS SERVED IN FOOD BOXES OR FOAM TRAYS t/away only)                 
only, available mon-fri till 3.00pm)  Last Orders required by 2.45 pls (Sat 8-12pm)

(To avoid disappointment all specials must be mentioned to staff at the time of order)